What Sets Seventh Farm Apart From Other Riding Stables?

Our focus on the rider

Seventh Farm offers a unique program of horse riding lessons that teach you how to ride and communicate with horses in their own language. With our small groups and longer class times, we are able to provide much more personal attention to our students than other riding stables. We tailor each lesson to the individual students – to their abilities, learning styles and goals. Because of the longer class times, our students are able to settle in and focus on the work at hand in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. We are able to work through exercises and answer questions thoroughly, without having to rush or skip important details. Our longer class times allow students to spend more time riding and more time with the horses, thereby giving our students the experience they want.

Our focus on the horses

Every horse at Seventh Farm has been chosen because they bring something special to our school. In addition, each horse you will ride has been trained to be a teaching horse. When you come to the farm you will see that our horses are very happy and healthy. They receive the best care and nutrition and have plenty of free time to relax and play in the pasture. The Seventh Farm horses are happy horses who enjoy the company of people and helping beginners learn to ride. The riders at Seventh Farm get to know each horse as an individual. As riders progress they will be able to ride more challenging horses that will give them the opportunity to learn more advanced skills. You will learn as much from the Seventh Farm horses as you will from the teachers.

Our instructors

Our instructors are experienced horse riders who specialize in teaching beginners the fundamentals of horse riding. They are very effective at translating proper riding position and body movement into language beginning students can understand. We tailor instruction to each individual student’s learning style and physical capability. At Seventh Farm, we believe that riding is a two-way communication between horse and rider. Our teachers understand what horses need and how they need to be ridden and are very good at communicating that to students. As you progress in your lessons, you too will be able to feel and understand how the horse wants to be ridden so that you become a more effective rider and your riding is more enjoyable. Everyone at Seventh Farm is very passionate about horses and riding and it is our mission to share our knowledge with our students so that they reach their riding goals.

Our curriculum

Our school is not just about riding horses. A large part of what we teach is horse psychology and communication. You will learn to understand what horses are saying, why they are saying it and how to communicate back to them in their own language. In addition, you will learn about basic horse care, grooming and anatomy. You will become familiar with riding equipment and become confident in how to use it. We believe you can not be a good rider if you do not know and understand the whole horse.

Our goal

Our goal is to help students develop into effective horse people and good riders. Although the initial cost is more than some riding stables, because of our smaller class sizes, longer class times and our expertise and commitment to teaching beginners, our students develop faster and achieve success and greater happiness with their riding in less time. Seventh Farm riders develop confidence and ability quickly. They learn not only how to ride well, but also how to understand and communicate with horses. Dollar for dollar, you will get more value out of your lessons at Seventh Farm than you would at any other riding school.

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